Getting your photos taken by a stranger can be a weird/awkward feeling. One of the goals that I have is for you to feel super comfortable. I want to be more your friend then someone you hired to do a job. I like
more natural photos, so something I would say during a shoot is "Be yourself! Act like you would if I wasn't here." If I do see something that you and your spouse do I will tell you to recreate that pose in the
best way possible.

it's all about

the details




For your family or senior photos, you will be able pick your location and outfits. I recommend wearing neutrals, but it's really up to you what you want to wear! I'm always here to help pick out your fits.  


I want you to know what you're getting on the day of your wedding! Like I have already said, I like to have more natural photos but I also like the creative ones I'm all for the blurry, fun, black and white photos. I will definitely help with posing you if I get an idea or if you start to feel uncomfortable. I try my best to stay away from uncomfy lol.
Just remember. I'm here to capture the moments that will last you a lifetime. I want
you to be able to look back and see how amazing that day was for you! Most people barely remember anything and that's why you hire someone like me to capture those memories.


You will also be responsible for where you want your photos taken. If you want some-
where where I have shot before then just tell me and we can go from there! You will have a choice of one or two outfits.
I would recommend you wear neutral or earth tones. Something that you are comfort- able in so that we don't get awkward looking photos. If you are wanting a second outfit then I would choose something more formal looking. Also take into consider- ation of the location you have picked. If you need a couple of ideas for either outfit, I am always here to help you and will send you some ideas!

customizable packages start at $1,200